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This last week was a little bit of a struggle. And then I discovered that I’m not alone. So I made this for all of us who need to #shakeitout & move forward. I also fucked this up, but one of these days I’ll get it right. #practicemakesperfect #handlettering

Fucked up my “Y.” #handlettering #workingonit #hiya

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My best friend, julielikestumblr, and her Erika have been making vague plans to move to Seattle within the next few years. And I will most likely be going along. I’ve been telling people that I’m probably moving there. And they ask why. And I say because of Julie, mostly. That sounds silly. I also really want the change of environment, the feeling of starting over. I love Chicago, but I feel like I’m settling out of comfort. In recent days, I don’t have a desire to hang out with anyone here. I love my friends here. But I’m craving the company of everyone far away. And Seattle also has a handful of people I love already there. That’s a major plus.

I’ll be visiting Seattle for a few days in September, after stops in Honolulu and San Francisco. I have been working a lot on various projects for various people in addition to the one that pays the bills the most. And I’m burning out. At least this time I’ll actually earn my vacation days.

I’m not always in a state of self reflection, but it sure appears quite often. I need to be better, whatever that means.

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You gotta keep the step. You gotta limber up. You gotta loosen what you bolted down. You gotta use all you got. We know you’re tired, tired and scared. Happens to everyone, okay? Just don’t let your feet stop.

Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance   (via thatkindofwoman)


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#tbt to the night @dlinsyann & I tried to get through this Lorde song without screwing up the harmony or giggling at “you buy me orange juice.” We need practice.

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This is the pic I took of our booth yesterday when it was rainy. Today’s weather was super & we had a lot of foot traffic. This old man who came to our booth at the last fest stopped by again twice today, commenting about wanting the Skyflash shirt. And then he actually bought it. A lot of people said really nice things. We sold out of a lot of the smaller sizes this weekend. And some lady tried to haggle with me. That was really awkward. Overall, these fests have been really good for the brand. It’s really good to see people’s reactions & see complete strangers buy my stuff in person. A girl who bought my tank yesterday wore it today to the fest. I like that. I also just really like talking to people. Most people. One guy was super weird & sat down in the tent to talk to @dlinsyann about Buffy. I’m just really happy to be doing this & have friends who take time out to support me. Now, we sleep.

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Apparently my front camera has some distortion. WT crew out at #westfest!

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I think this is my 7th or so concert so far this year. I got tickets practically dead center about 20 something rows back. I’m an avid music/concert fan. My tastes kinda scatter. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to even give you a top 5 favorite shows I’ve been to. But tonight gave me all the feels. The vibes in the crowd were crazy. Everyone was drunk on happiness. And the two girls next to me were drunk on Bud Light. They did lots of wooing & talking, so it’s opposing ideas of a good fan. And when things slowed down & she sang “Manhattan,” homegirl next to me started crying. She also kinda smelled like ketchup. That’s irrelevant. Anyway, to conclude, I’m pretty sure nothing is cuter than @sarabareilles playing the crash cymbals, she did a great cover of Sia’s “Chandelier,” and I ALMOST cried when she did “Satellite Call” for the encore. I just had to share to everyone who doesn’t care. #sarabareilles #chicago

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