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I think this is my 7th or so concert so far this year. I got tickets practically dead center about 20 something rows back. I’m an avid music/concert fan. My tastes kinda scatter. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to even give you a top 5 favorite shows I’ve been to. But tonight gave me all the feels. The vibes in the crowd were crazy. Everyone was drunk on happiness. And the two girls next to me were drunk on Bud Light. They did lots of wooing & talking, so it’s opposing ideas of a good fan. And when things slowed down & she sang “Manhattan,” homegirl next to me started crying. She also kinda smelled like ketchup. That’s irrelevant. Anyway, to conclude, I’m pretty sure nothing is cuter than @sarabareilles playing the crash cymbals, she did a great cover of Sia’s “Chandelier,” and I ALMOST cried when she did “Satellite Call” for the encore. I just had to share to everyone who doesn’t care. #sarabareilles #chicago

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First time playing with this colored pencil. What a happy surprise! #Mahalo #aloha #doodles

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Just had brunch with @whitneyxjane, Tumblr friend of yesteryear. We don’t see each other very often & now she’s moving. We like to get together to talk about all the things we could make but never end up making them. Here’s to friendship & follow through! Knock ‘em dead, wherever you are! (at Pick Me Up Cafe)

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Owen & Fred.

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Hiding behind the orchids. #happy4th #bowtiegame

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#nativefoods #nachos #foodporn #nofilter #nachobebeh

Overnight, I began a whole new life. Rad apt. overlooking the lake & river, and an adorbz dog. And I had to figure out how to grind my own coffee beans & boil water in one of those pots that whistle. Uh…I just use my coffee maker. And now I give it all back. Rats. #dogsitting #myviewisbetterthanyours

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Day 2 of the fest. I’m so over it. The rain made everything suck a million times more. Our tent is a disaster at this point. I just wanna call it for the summer. I’m done. It’s been fun. But let’s just not. Thankful for my friends who have made it out to help. But this is just draining me so hard.

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Welp, it rained. Cut out all the shirts from their frames. Tied what frames we could to each other. Lowered our tent best we could. It looks terrible. And I left the crates. Today was not as good as yesterday in loading and all that jazz. But we sold a decent amount of shirts and met a lot of people. Thanks to my super helpful @momartinez for everything!

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Long. Ass. Day. Thanks to @dlinsyann, I got to leave my booth & see #raylamontagne, since I bought tix months ago. And thanks to @momartinez for being my hot (but mostly sticky) date to see Ray again & for helping out today. Two more days this weekend & 3 more events thereafter. Aiyaiyai. #Trouble #video (at FirstMerit Bank Pavilion)

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