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On top of all the candy my mom is making me take home, I just HAD to stop at Don Quijote. I have a problem. The matcha candy/cookie section is also not helping.

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"Multiple Orgasm" from Bubbies & craft beers at Brew’d. Second to last night home. Hanging with my favorites. @jollijill @sedrox87

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#tbt to last week when @thewickedwasabi & I got to visit @hechanova at #Findery! We were lost, but then we were found! If you don’t have a Findery account, you should get one & follow me (same handle as this one)! Leave notes & tell little stories about the places you have visited, frequent, or would like to see. Not many rules to this game but to be open in sharing your stories. #myfavoritefacestour

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I’ve mentioned it multiple times since I’ve been home, but I’m always amazed at how close we all still are after 14+ years. I absolutely appreciate that we still make each other laugh & legit enjoy spending time together. Even though we only see each other once or twice a year, it’s always the best time. #whoneedsahighschoolreunion #thatzombiegamewashard

Hung out with this little man today! And then I realized there are no toy stores in the mall, aside from Disney. Hoping to find him baby’s first guitar before I leave. @tenshi46 @ronb_808 #auntyintraining

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I told @seikay808 I wanted to go on a hike with a waterfall & the directions were terrible. And we may have driven into Kaneohe and back out, but we made it! It was a lot of uphill for our out-of-shape selves, but worth it. #waterfallselfie

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My new favorite picture. Jeni was my best friend in 6th grade through middle school. Lisa was my best friend in high school. They became best friends in college and since then. They used to dislike each other, too! Funny how things end up. It’s been ages since we’ve been in the same place at the same time. This is pretty great. @j_e_n_i @lisaud45

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Agu Ramen (if you like spicy, 3 is a lie. Get a 4, at least.) & Via Gelato with @chelseajayeu. Getting in all the catch ups and all the hangz!

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Poke bowl & park hangs with @biggkay. #givemeallthepokeinalltheland

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