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Found my new snuggle buddy at Costco, where if they can’t offer a carriage full of little teddy bears, they can give you one really big one instead.

8:38 pm, by ahotsecond

This pretty lady is off to bigger things in the West Coast. I have been fortunate enough to call her one of my dearest friends, who I am constantly inspired by every day. @smatesky, my friend, are the definition of cool, driven, and bad ass mutha fucka. We’re gonna make it big one day & we’re gonna do it together. Love you so much. #ineedahaircut #myfriendsaretalentedasshit #shethinkshegrown #ohbutshegrown #lookherupshegonbefamous

Early bird dinner at Union Sushi. $1 oysters are my new favorite thing. And then topped it off with way too much soft serve gelato at Eataly. It’s hard to get everyone together nowadays, so today was a treat. #sushi #fatkidstatus

8:17 pm, by ahotsecond
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I’m just a lucky lady today. Had a great lunch with Adam. Chicken pot pie AND a pie flight. My first time here & it was delightful. He may be my first tall, handsome, haole boy date for the date, but I have one more date after work. Haha. If only I had this much luck otherwise. (at Hoosier Mama’s Pie Company)

4:02 pm, by ahotsecond

And that’s a wrap! This was our booth set up at Battle of the Tees tonight. Next big thing is planning the FIVE year anniversary party. The first few years were a slow ride, but I made it on my own. The last few have been the best, with some help. Still moving.

11:28 pm, by ahotsecond

I had difficulties making a collage. Too many favorites. Such a great show! That money one on the left is made of $8000. Feeling inspired, I am. #artalliance #chicago #theprovocateurs #streetart

Went to #theprovocateurs exhibit today. Lots of great work. Just amazed. Aside from the mural that was by Navy Pier a few years ago, I had not seen #shepardfairey’s work up close. I ended up purchasing this print, because it’s also signed and numbered. Let’s put this on the list of super cool purchases I have ever made. #obey #chicago #artalliance

Matt is teaching me how to blink with both eyes.

9:44 pm, by ahotsecond

I specifically asked Devon to tell me what she was gonna wear today so we would all be wearing different shirts. She said she would pick one up & magically appeared in this one. #twinning

10:38 pm, by ahotsecond
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This last week was a little bit of a struggle. And then I discovered that I’m not alone. So I made this for all of us who need to #shakeitout & move forward. I also fucked this up, but one of these days I’ll get it right. #practicemakesperfect #handlettering